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Terrier club hunts down Hordern family

Saturday December 5, 2009
The Fox Terrier Club of NSW wants to contact descendents of Sir Samuel Hordern, a keen fox terrier enthusiast and the patron of the Fox Terrier Club of NSW, founded in 1910, who enjoyed that position until 1935.

Gypsy Has Court Win

Wednesday February 20, 2008
GYPSY, a tan and white fox terrier, has been accused of wandering the streets in disregard of the NSW Companion Animals Act.

Family Pet Hit Trying To Flee Fireworks

Wednesday January 2, 2008
NEW Year's fireworks had tragic consequences for Molly, a 13-year-old fox terrier.

Underdog With Bite Of A Terrier

Saturday July 1, 2006
IT WOULD be helpful, just this once, if Nicole Pratt received a little less respect. The dogged scrapper describes herself as the fox terrier to Amelie Mauresmo's greyhound, yet knows the world No.1 will not be underestimating the only Australian woman to reach Wimbledon's third round.

Freedom, Family And A Decent Cup Of Tea

Saturday November 8, 2003
David Ettridge left jail with a sense of responsibility to some ``decent people", writes Stephen Gibbs. DAVID Ettridge woke up in his own bed for the first time in almost three months yesterday to a new life of freedom, family and a miniature fox terrier. A relaxed lunch and hugs from his four grandchildren made a warm change from the salad and cold meat sandwiches Ettridge was last served at Brisbane's Wolston prison 24 hours earlier.

New Day For Dumped Dog

Monday April 29, 2002
A YOUNG Dudley couple has adopted Otto, a 6-month old cattle dog/fox terrier cross found trapped and suffocating in a wheelie bin less than a month ago.

Albion Park Animals Terrified By Fireworks

Friday April 5, 2002
Tilly is one terrified terrier. The three-year-old Jack Russell-fox terrier cross refuses to go for a walk with her owner Irene Robinson after a frenzy of fireworks on St Patrick's Day.

A Silence That Brings Only Pain

Sunday July 15, 2001
A good dog knows when things are out of whack. Their mood goes down, too. So it is with Trapper, fox terrier, stocky, usually keeps to herself, not given to yapping. At this moment she's sitting under the long table, in the open dining room by the kitchen, looking out blankly, as if confined to her kennel on orders. She knows how it is, she knows about as much as anyone else.

Max Sniffs Out Danger At Batemans Bay

Monday July 27, 1998
A canny canine with a nose for danger is Batemans Bay's latest - and most unlikely - hero. Max, a two-year-old fox terrier, has never been the most obedient of hounds, preferring the odd dogfight to heeding his mistress' voice. But the plucky little dog more than proved his worth last week whe

From The Front: Snarls, Jeers And Where's The Pizza?

Thursday April 9, 1998
It began under the cover of darkness with the odd clenched fist and the snarl of a rottweiler somewhere behind you. And so it ended, too, except this time it was with a fist clenched in victory and the panting of someone's fox terrier sitting patiently by the gate. Out they came at 7.15 pm, one b

Kayley's Terrier Terror

Wednesday March 11, 1998
It's no wonder crime is skyrocketing when fathers are teaching their sons how to steal. Kayley, of Unanderra, advertised in Saturday's Mercury five miniature fox terrier pups for sale at $100 each. A man and his son, 9, fronted up to her home at lunchtime and offered $50 for a pup. Kayley dec

Bidding Farewell To Dearly Departed Pets

Thursday February 5, 1998
FIFTY metres from the busy Western Highway at Bacchus Marsh lies a place special to teary-eyed, heavy-hearted pet-lovers. The inscription below the statue of a fox terrier on a tiny burial plot at Animalia Pet Cemetery reads: To our beloved friend Debbie who gave us 19 years of happiness.

Spot's Always Keen To Mow His Plot

Wednesday November 19, 1997
Steve Goroch's miniature fox terrier is a giant when it comes to garden maintenance. He reckons Spot the wonder dog is the only pooch on Earth who can mow the lawns. Once that mower gets going, the little canine comes a running. "You can't get him off," says Steve, 17, of Warilla.

The Tale Wagging The Dog

Thursday September 25, 1997
There are two people who can take most of the credit for the Sydney band Love Me. They aren't in the music industry. They can't play an instrument. And they certainty can't sing. Actually, they aren't people. They're dogs. One, a miniature fox terrier called Dodger, hangs around with guitarist To

Not To Be Sniffed At

Saturday July 12, 1997
I HAD seen the video the week before. And now, standing in the clinic, shimmering with vitality and good looks, was the star himself. Fred is a one-year-old miniature smooth fox terrier with a nose problem. He sniffs the ground so much that Diana, his owner, made a 30-minute video to show the int

Amcor Chief's Idea Of Settling Down

Sunday June 30, 1996
It was only a few weeks ago that Stan Wallis said he was looking forward to taking it easy. He wanted to move into the ranks of the semi-retired and do more of the mundane things in life such as walking his fox terrier, sleeping in and travelling. Why not? He certainly deserves a break. After alm

Pets To Guard Your Garden

Sunday February 5, 1995
A PET bantam (Bantie), a goose (Goosie), a fox terrier (Lassie), four cats (Titch, Big Kitty, Little Kitty and Ginger) and a host of unnamed goldfish. Such is the stuff of childhood memories. My mother has a beautiful garden and when I was a child it never seemed to suffer from the depredations

A Reader Wipes Out On Racing's Fashion

Tuesday November 7, 1989
DOES the mere mention of the Foster's Melbourne Cup make you hurl the radio through the window? Do you react to Australia's greatest horse race with a feeling of nausea and ill-ease undefeatable with anything less than a full-blooded punting of the fox terrier into the neighbour's backyard

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